Joining/Registering with TeamFeePay

Registration instructions to signup with your club in TeamFeePay.

As you are registering with TeamFeePay for the first time please, follow the instructions below:

Step 1 – Parent/Guardian Confirmation

The next step is asking if you are a Parent/Guardian registering a child.

Simply answer YES/NO to complete.


Step 2 – Adding Your Member Details

You are now in the registration screen, please input ALL details required here.

Any fields that are compulsory will be marked with an Asterix (please ensure these are completed).

Medical Conditions – Please include ALL details relevant for the safety of the member.

NB: Please leave the medical condition field blank if it is not applicable.

NOTE:  The details included at this stage have been designated by the club - please note that ALL mandatory fields must be completed to proceed

Once finished inputting your details - Click “Register”


Step 3 – Assign The Member To Their Plan and Team

This is where you will make the payment plan selection

1. First select a season – as you can see above the season in the above is 2021/2022.

2. Select a team that the member is joining. 

NB: Some Clubs may only have one plan shown, other clubs may have multiple plans for their club, please ensure you select the right plan/team for the member.


3. Select a Plan – this will be the oayment plan the member is now registering with.

NB: Depending on your club there may be a variety of plans for you to register the member with.


Step 4 – Agree To Club Sign Up Documents

If your club has documents that must be signed before enrolment you will see these now, these may include documents such as Terms and Conditions, Code of Conduct etc.

Simply click on the blue link to read the required documentation on screen.

Once satisfied Click “Accept All”.

NB: This will capture a time stamped record for both you and the club showing the acceptance of the documents.


Step 5 – Adding Payment Information

The last step in signing is inputting your bank details.

Simply click  ‘Add new card’.

Now you will add your payment details to our payment provider Stripe.

1. You will automatically be directed to STRIPE

2. Enter your bank details

3. Once your details are entered click “Save”

You are now Set Up and Good To Go!

NB:  TeamFeePay do not have access to your Banking information  – these are all maintained within Stripe.  For further information on Stripe please go to


If you need to add a second member please follow the instructions in this article

Adding A Second Member


Your First Payment:

Once your sign up is completed your TeamFeePay home screen will show you details of your next payment details and date

If you have a immediate payment required you will be notified now


Sign Up Payment Issue

Your club may require a Sign Up Payment or Registration Payment – you will be notified if this has not been paid on your main TeamFeePay Screen – simply contact your Club Administrator if you have any queries regarding this


Invalid Card Issue

If you see the error message below on your account it is notifying you that your current payment card is invalid.  This could be for a variety of reasons including expiry date.  To update simply click on the button “Add Payment Card” to remedy